Kazakhstan International Equipment, Ingredients & Technologies for Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition

October 2024

Feedback from visitors of Astana Zdorovie 2021

Ivan Gostev, Director of Appteka LLP

Luxurious exhibition, great event. To be honest, I expected less from participation, but received much more. A great place to form networking, strengthen the connections that have been built before, and find new ones. It is very interesting, because you will learn the current trends in the market, the vector of further movement and what to do to be successful. I certainly found what I was looking for. All key persons gathered here, so it was very interesting and effective to participate. We were very lucky today, here we signed an agreement with an international company, agreed on several meetings with major market players.

Andrey Klimenko, Director of Integra X

The exhibition this year is much fuller than in 2019. Firstly, the preparations and items that are now needed on the market are on display - these are consumables with which there have been problems lately. Plus, stands are presented from colleagues from Russia. Today they are already presenting their products, they are ready to enter our market, and for me, as an owner of a network of pharmacies, it is very interesting. We have already exchanged contacts. It is impressive that there is interest from suppliers and manufacturers of these products in our market. Thanks to this exhibition, now at the stage of signing a contract for the purchase of equipment - new ultrasound machines. I found what I was looking for here. I think that the exhibition is an excellent auxiliary tool for business promotion.

Yelena Li, Managing Director of the Bala Children's Rehabilitation Center

We visit the exhibition on an annual basis in order to find effective equipment for our business and always find interesting offers. I can say that everything is well organized.

Olesya Sablina, Manager of El Lab PCR LLP

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to the organizers for the fact that the exhibition took place at all. Apparently, the lack of an exhibition last year affected and people missed live communication. I really wanted to feel this atmosphere again. Of course, given the difficulties caused by the pandemic, there are not very many companies represented, unlike in previous years. I took part in the Conference on Laboratory Medicine, I got very pleasant emotions, I just wanted to talk to my colleagues live. All set tasks and goals were fulfilled by us and achieved. I was surprised that the exhibition was not so big, but I made contacts with new people, we were given consumables, we were given the prices we were interested in. It was very fruitful. I believe that it was not in vain that I came to participate in the Astana Zdorovie exhibition.

Aigerim Sarsembayeva, senior specialist in registration of medical devices, Blitz Medica

Our company is located in Almaty, we provide registration, certification and declaration services. It is very interesting for us to be at this exhibition, we have learned a lot of new things both about the companies with which we already cooperate, and got acquainted with the companies with which we will cooperate in the future. Since we now provide registration services according to the EAC, this exhibition is very interesting for us. Our profile consists of 70 percent of medical devices, and we also provide medicine registration services. We exchanged contacts, and we hope that after the exhibition we will discuss our further cooperation in more detail.

Kaynazar Dosybekuly Smanov, Advisor to M32 LLP

Exhibitions are always needed, because these are new directions, new medicines and technologies that all doctors should learn about. And all this is consolidated at exhibitions. The Astana Zdorovie exhibition has become a little smaller this year, but I understand that the pandemic has contributed here. As a founder of the pharmaceutical business in Kazakhstan, I first participated in an exhibition in 1993 in Almaty city, at the Atakent exhibition center. Now the pavilions have been rebuilt, but I still remember the stands that were there. I repeatedly participated in the exhibition with my companies. I always try to attend industry events, I travel not only to Kazakhstan, but also to Russia and abroad. Exhibitions are very much needed, especially for doctors. I talk, watch the exposition, establish contacts. I think when the pandemic passes, the Astana Zdorovie exhibition will develop even more in the future. I think that as soon as we go through all this, the exhibition will expand and will be even more interesting and informative.